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The MPs Code of Conduct requires MPs to uphold the law under Article III.5 : "Members have a Duty to Uphold the Law"

The Government of Mr Johnson has now deliberately set out to break the law with its "Internal Market Bill", as announced to the House of Commons by Mr Brandon Lewis MP on 8th September and passing it's second reading on 14 September. This action is seriously damaging to the UK's international reputation, will erode trust in our institutions and cannot go unchallenged

As a first step in this process and following legal advice, a letter was sent to the Lord Chancellor  Mr Robert Buckland QC MP to ask him to explain why he is not in breach of his statutory duty, under the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, to respect and uphold the Rule of Law by his conduct in respect of the UK Internal Markets Bill.  He is the only Cabinet Minister required to swear an oath as guardian of the Rule of Law.

Yet, whilst Lord Keen QC, the Scottish Lord Advocate and Sir Jonathan Jones Permanent Secretary for the Government Legal Department have resigned over this matter, the Lord Chancellor refuses to explain why he is not in breach of his oath. In response to the letter , the Lord Chancellor claims that Parliamentary Privilege prevents his conduct in this matter being examined by the Courts. This cannot be right. It would be a sorry state of affairs if the Guardian of the Rule of Law gave an oath to respect the Rule of Law which is meaningless.

On 12th November 2020 an application for permission to seek Judicial Review of the Lord Chancellor's conduct was filed.

The Lord Chancellor refuses to accept that questions relating to his actions as the Guardian of the Rule of Law in this matter are either justified  or in the public interest. He has threatened to seek costs personally against Professor Joshua Silver for the Judicial Review claim. Your help and support will be invaluable.


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